Roots of the Pacific Rim

Reflect a noble simplicity with an affinity for nature while creating a serene place for a family to gather.

Design a home on a 1.5 acre, steeply-sloped and wooded site on Mercer Island, that maximizes the views, light, and a connection to a hillside garden.

The home embraces the natural elements of light, water, and air to gracefully merge with a terraced landscape with a connection to Lake Washington. Locally quarried stone anchors the house to the site and provides a framework for the stucco and timber elements. Custom art and details honor nature, from sculpted wood columns, to undulating glass walls, and rain water fountains.

Home of the Year, Seattle Homes and Lifestyles Magazine

"Curves Ahead," Seattle Homes & Lifestyles

Photography                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Benjamin Benschneider